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Johnny Disco arrested Kramer

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Johnny Disco goes cross-eyed in The Jerk

Most Loyal Fan Award-aka That time David Letterman loved Johnny Disco

Johnny Disco as the Flash double for John Wesley Shipp


To be a famous Extra is an anomaly.  Johnny Disco, discovered in a local nightclub, was approached and told he should dance on TV.  Contacted a casting office and found himself a union Extra by accident.  From the first day it was apparent this business was a place Johnny belonged.  Day after day, show after show, he met each challenge with a positive attitude and Johnny Disco performed as no other could.  From 1976 to 1982, his work impressed all that had the opportunity to work with him.  Performing, teaching, advising, and competing with enthusiasm thrust him into the limelight and made him bigger than life.  Admired, respected, and even glorified, created a well based ego and a level of confidence that even Johnny didn’t expect or prepared to handle.  An environment where there is no place for a famous extra, caused jealousy, resentment, and a negative attitude towards Johnny’s success and his decline was eminent, unknown to him.  The next nine years are what books are made of, not to give away the facts let’s just say his fame increased but not as famous but infamous, a star took his girl and he was punched out by a producer, and then blackballed from extra work.  And it was his fault?  Trust me, an extra has no power.  Talent, which is rare in this field, always moves to the top and a comeback was eminent.  Broken but not beaten, one job changed his life forever, and if there were an Academy Award for best background artist, it would have gone to Johnny Disco.  His talent shined until he made a transition with the help of one from his past who knew his ethics and his background as Hollywood’s Most Famous Extra.

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